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Fence Repair & Installation in College Station

We understand the value that a fence can bring to your yard. Whether you’re looking for a way to store your belongings safely, keep your kids and pets from wandering off your property, or even if you’re looking for a little added privacy, we’ve got a solution to suit your needs.

We specialize in wooden fences. Not only do they provide you with a sturdy structure that will last for years to come, but they also have a certain aesthetic appeal that can highlight any backyard.

Not quite sure what type of fence you’re in the market for? Here are some of the ones we offer.

Types of Residential Fencing We Install:

  • Picket Fence

A picket fence can serve just about any fencing purpose, and can even provide a great look for your front yard. They get their name from their pointed pickets that deflect rainwater and prevent climbing. 

  • Vertical Board Fence

Vertical board fences might be the most popular type of fence at the moment. They feature vertical boards that slightly overlap to provide privacy. They can block wind and tend to be extra tall so that dogs can’t jump over them and prying eyes can’t peek over them, either. 

  • Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing provides a distinct look from the previous two types. It features thin boards that are installed in a criss-cross pattern that allows wind and light to pass through while still maintaining privacy. Many homeowners will place lattice fencing on top of vertical board fences to provide a higher fence with some extra visual appeal. 

  • Post and Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing is about as simple as it gets. It is made from vertical posts that secure horizontal boards. This type of fencing is not used for privacy but works for marking the boundaries of large spaces and for corralling livestock. 

While it might be tempting to try and make this a DIY project, it’s usually not a good idea. Installing a fence requires a lot of work, precise measuring, and dealing with issues with the soil or with the wood. 

It’s a job best left for professionals. Contact us the best wood fencing installation services in College Station, TX.

fencing, Fencing, Thompson & Son's Landscaping, Thompson & Son's Landscaping

Our Services

Lawn Mowing

Our team of professionals will mow, weed eat, and edge your home or business. We will maintain your lawn to ensure your grass is always looking great!

Landscaping Installation

We will increase your curb appeal with flower beds, planting trees, installing drainage areas, laying sod, creating beautiful rock gardens, and more!

Outdoor Lighting

Improve your curb appeal and security with custom garden lighting. Number one in landscape lighting, we install lights in your garden, trees and backyard.

Outdoor Walkways

Outdoor walkways and sidewalks add to your curb appeal and create a space you can feel comfortable in. We will design a walkway to fit your style.

Drainage Systems

We will transform your mud into a beautiful yard with our drainage systems and rock landscaping. Drain off standing water and start enjoying your outdoor space.


When you need a privacy fence, you can trust our experts to install your wooden fence that will give you years of backyard enjoyment

Water Feature Installation

Beautiful and relaxing water features installed in any landscape from pondless waterfalls, urns, walls and more.


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“Excellent service as well as customer service! Always got back with me in a timely manner! Highly recommend this company!”

Janelle Perrone, MD

“I moved to TX and bought a house in College Station and then Harvey arrived, all in the course of a few weeks. And I discovered that my new house had some SERIOUS flooding issues in both front and back yards. Daniel has helped me with emergency issues, long-term fixes, and of course general yard care, and is responsive and flexible (so many things have come up, or I’ve changed my mind about things, and he has rolled with it). I have recommended Thompson & Sons to multiple people and will continue to do so.”

Tara G

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