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Keeping up with landscaping maintenance can be a time-consuming, physical job.

It is ongoing work that some homeowners may not have the time, capability, or desire to take care of on their own.

Hiring full-service landscape services can be the perfect solution for keeping a personal property looking its best in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Use these tips for finding and hiring a contractor to handle full-service landscape maintenance and enjoy a beautiful property all year long!

Read and Compare Landscape Service Reviews

Begin the search for a great landscape service by searching for companies online and then reading recent reviews from customers currently using those contractors.

Go to each landscaping maintenance service’s business directory and social media pages to get an idea of whether the service comes highly recommended, with many positive reviews, or if there are many complaints.

The best gauge of any local landscaping contractor is what the neighbors using their service are saying about them.

Inquire About Education, Training, and Experience

Once finding a few landscape maintenance services to consider, continue by asking some more detailed questions.

Inquire about the type of education and training the lead contractor has, as this is important for all aspects of landscape planning and ongoing maintenance.

Also, ask about how long a local landscape service has been in business, the type and amount of actual experience they have serving residential customers, and a fee schedule.

Opting for a highly educated contractor who is trained in the proper use and care of landscaping plants and elements is a cost-effective measure that ensures money spent on landscaping services is well-invested.

Discuss A Personal Full-Service Landscape Maintenance Plan

Lastly, homeowners should discuss with their potential landscaping maintenance company the types of services they offer and what they consider “full-service” to be.

  • Does it include lawn mowing and maintenance as well as ornamental landscaping?
  • Will they take care of pruning the trees and bushes as well as mulching and planting all of the flower beds?
  • What type of seasonal landscape maintenance schedule do they follow and what does their recommended plan include?
  • Do they offer landscape planning services for homeowners looking to come up with new planting ideas or who are working with a blank slate and need to start from the very beginning?

These are all important questions that homeowners should ask and discuss to create a suitable full-service, individual maintenance plan with their landscaping service.

Find A Great Full-Service Landscaping Service In 3 Easy Steps

Though many local landscapers claim to be full-service landscaping maintenance providers, many only handle mowing and trimming or only mulching and replacing dead flowers with new ones.

For homeowners in search of a landscaping service that will do it all for them and plan an individualized landscape care program, a bit of research is recommended.

Hiring a full-service landscape maintenance contractor with the right qualifications who offers a full menu of services will ensure homeowners have a beautifully landscaped and cared-for property!

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