Save On Summer AC Bills With Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting!

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Summertime is right around the corner and as the weather warms, the time to think about outdoor lighting for entertaining, improving a home’s appearance, and generally spending more time outside.

While many homeowners might not be too keen on adding another power draw to their utility costs, low voltage landscape lighting is an efficient option for illuminating walkways and yards.

LED landscape lighting and solar are two great ways to light up any landscape with a low investment price plus low operating cost, too!

Turning down the AC to spend cool evenings outside is within reach with high-efficiency outdoor lighting.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting - Great Outdoor Illumination

Outdoor lighting is useful in a number of ways, from improving the looks of a home’s front walkway or yard to aiding home security by lighting up access points to keep them visible.

The problem is that the typical incandescent bulbs found in most outdoor spotlights and ornamental lights are high voltage, burning hot and then using a great deal of electricity.

Even just leaving security lights on at night year-round can add up, let alone the draw that ornamental and pathway lights can create during warm-weather entertaining season.

With low voltage landscape lighting, homeowners can get brighter and more appealing lighting without the cost, sometimes even for free.

Making the change to more efficient outdoor lighting is easier and more affordable than most people think!

Great Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting Options

There are a few great options for those seeking energy-efficient, low-voltage outdoor lighting, each with different benefits:

  • LED Lighting - LED landscape lighting is low voltage outdoor lighting that typically runs on 12 volts or less while still creating a slightly warm, bright glow. Great for ornamental yard lighting, spotlights, entryway lights, and more, it is an easy and affordable option for anyone looking to light up their home without lighting up their utility bill. LED floodlighting with motion sensors is the perfect choice when safety and home security are a goal. LED walkway lighting does involve a bit of trenching to install the electrical wires, but the brightness of these bulbs makes it worthwhile.
  • Solar Lighting - Solar outdoor lighting is becoming more popular as another easy way to light walkways and driveways as the quality of these lights continues to improve. Best of all, solar low voltage landscape lighting along walkways can be installed temporarily or permanently, involving little more than just sticking the light stake into the ground. Although solar landscape lights may not look quite as bright as the other options, the softer glow they give off can really create an appealing atmosphere in front yards as well as in backyards around patios and pools and wherever entertaining is happening and people are gathering.
  • Fluorescent Lighting - Another choice similar to LED landscape lighting, HID fluorescent lighting with its cool, bright glow is a suitable option for spotlights and floodlights. Though it uses slightly higher voltage than LED, fluorescent lighting is the brightest of the three outdoor lighting options, making fluorescent ideal for lighting up backyards, pool areas, and driveways for safety and security reasons.

Replace That Dull and Costly Outdoor Lighting!

During the summer, it does not have to cost a small fortune to enjoy the outdoors after dark.

Whether seeking low voltage landscape lighting ideas for decorative purposes, security lighting, floodlighting, or more, there are three great energy-efficient options to choose from.

Professional landscaping contractors can help with the planning and installation of useful no- or low-voltage solar, fluorescent, and LED landscape lighting without seeing an unwanted spike in the power bill.

Save on AC and lighting costs together using low draw outdoor lighting!

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