Will Retaining Walls Help With My Yard Drainage Problems?

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Drainage problems in your yard that require yard drainage solutions could lead to serious problems to lawns, landscaping, and even the foundation of your home.

Among the different remedies that yard drainage contractors can use to prevent and resolve these issues, retaining walls are one of them.

Suitable for many applications where water could cause flooding and other damage, retaining walls are an effective and attractive choice used by yard drainage services to prevent and alleviate these problems.

What Is A Retaining Wall In A Yard?

A retaining wall is a yard drainage solution that can be both functional and decorative.

It is an elevated wall made of brick, block, stone, or other material designed to contain what is on one side of it and deflect what could be on the other side.

Installed by yard drainage contractors, they are commonly used to shape landscaped beds, walkways, and driveways as well as support sloping yards, primarily to prevent erosion and flood damage caused by draining water.

What Purposes Do Retaining Walls Serve?

Beyond looking nice, retaining walls that are properly designed and installed by experienced yard drainage services provide a number of important protections against rushing water and flooding:

  • Reduce Soil Erosion - Stops rushing water from moving through elevations and planted beds, taking soil, mulch, and plants with it.
  • Protect Home Foundations - Act as a flood barrier around a home foundation, reducing the serious foundation damage that can occur due to soil saturation and repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Prevent Yard Flooding - Diverts water away from retained areas, preventing water from pooling there and causing flooding.
  • Protect Plants and Landscaping - Without some kind of boundary around landscaped beds, flooding and heavy rains can very easily destroy them through erosion, saturation, and even uprooting plants.

When Is A Retaining Wall Yard Drainage Solution Necessary?

Retaining walls are ideal yard drainage solutions when flooding is a problem or before it becomes one.

Useful on unlevel lots, properties exhibiting symptoms of poor drainage, or anywhere that flooding is possible, retaining walls are frequently installed by yard drainage contractors before these things can happen or to correct existing problems.

They are also recommended by yard drainage services when doing major landscaping that involves building up planted beds, creating new gardens, or supporting higher land elevations while leveling off what is below them.

Skillfully positioned, retaining walls can also help homeowners turn unused areas on their property into functional areas by protecting them from rushing or pooling water and diverting water toward other, available drainage.

Retaining Walls Can Be Highly Beneficial

Whether dealing with drainage issues that need some kind of yard drainage solution or wanting to make landscaping improvements around the property, talk to a professional first.

An experienced yard drainage contractor will assess the grounds and determine the best location for a functional retaining wall or offer attractive options for a decorative one.

Yard drainage services play an important role in keeping yards free from flooding and well protected against the damage that water can do to your beautiful landscaped yard!

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