5 Lawn Mowing Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Looking Its Best

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A well-kept lawn can offer so much appeal to any yard. From a warm inviting appearance that is sure to help your property value, to a beautiful space to relax outdoors. Taking care of your grass can be quite multifaceted, but one aspect of lawn care that can be the most important is knowing how to best mow your lawn. If you want to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn, consider these helpful lawn mowing tips when looking after your yard.

1. Mow At The Right Height. Don’t Go Too Low

One of the first great tips for healthy lawn care is to make sure you don’t clip too low. Keeping your grass at the right level will allow for a greener lawn, easier weed management, healthier shaded roots that retain water better, and better fertilization.

Mowing higher and leaving some length can help reduce crabgrass too, as crabgrass seeds require a substantial amount of heat and sun to sprout. So by keeping a longer length, you create a bit of a defense. If you mow too low, or “scalp” your lawn, you may be cutting down a lot of the food producing parts of your grass. If you want an optimum, healthy, green, and vibrant lawn, it is important to know different growth height recommendations for different types of grass. Bermuda grass, for example, can be kept much shorter than St Augustine. Thompson and Son’s can provide you with ideas for the best fit.

2. Moderate The Frequency Of Mowing

Different grass grows at different rates, and can even have varying growth cycles. It is important to match mowing frequency to the growth rate at any one time. Consider optimum mowing height and then never take off more than ⅓ of the grass length per mowing. You definitely don’t want to over-mow, but in high growth periods, once a week may not cut it.

3. Mower Blade Maintenance

When grass tips are shredded rather than cut cleanly, there is a browning that occurs that can quickly change the look of your lawn. A dull mower blade will rip and tear your grass and give your entire lawn a browned look. It is quite likely that simply sharpening your mower blade once a year at the start of the season just won’t be enough. You may need to have your blades touched up a few times throughout the season for optimal results. Professional landscaping services can be an easy answer to this problem as they will regularly keep their mowers sharp and efficient.

4. Don’t Remove Your Grass Clippings!

Grasscycling can be one of the most effective ways to fertilize your grass and recycle nutrients. Clippings are very water heavy and break down quickly offering very valuable fertilization. Always grass cycle for a greener, healthier lawn.

5. Change Pattern And Direction

It’s easy to fall into patterns. Mowing your lawn can become routine and fall into the same pattern of mowing in the same direction. For the healthiest lawn possible, however, you should really mix it up a bit. You want to avoid repeated stress to specific areas of the soil. By mixing it up, you can ensure that your soil doesn’t get worn down. A professional landscaping company, such as Thompson and Son’s will take this into consideration when working on your property.

Your lawn is part of your property’s first impression. By considering these tips you can help make the best one.
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