Expert speed and precision service.

That's ninja-style landscaping.

No groin kicks or splinters in the hands. Well... maybe a few splinters. Nicks and bruises are part of any landscaping project that kicks ass. Isn't that what you want and expect at the end of any job - a project done so beautifully, so fast, with little hassle and great communication? A company like that sticks around in a community, and they're the go-to for whatever else you might want to achieve with your property.
Landscaping Ninjas Team Photo

About Landscaping Ninjas

The Ninjas move crazy fast to create beautiful outdoor spaces, preserve the environment, and be more for others. We train hard to be more for you. When you hire the ninjas, you're supposed to be impressed by speed and skill.**

We offer a complete outdoor experience in Bryan & College Station with landscaping design and installation, patios and hardscapes, tree trimming, tree removal, outdoor lighting, drainage systems, water features, and so much more in the Bryan/College Station area.

Our team of professionals will increase your curb appeal by putting in flower beds, planting trees, installing drainage areas, laying sod, creating beautiful rock gardens, and more!

** You didn't notice it, but while you were reading this page - we installed a koi pond for your neighbor next door. Told you we were fast.

Our Team

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson


Daniel is an experienced father, friend & landscaper. Driven by his family, determination & grit, he takes pride in providing the best outdoor experience possible. As a landscape sensei, his goals include traveling & creating lasting change in the landscape industry. In addition to his primary job functions, Daniel has been recognized by the BBB, NALP, STU & more for his extraordinary commitment to the service industry and his clients. In his spare time Daniel enjoys anything with a motor & just being outdoors.

Kat Thompson

Kat Thompson


Kat is an ambitious entrepreneur & designer. She is driven by grit & providing a better life for her 3 kids. She takes pride in providing the best encounter & experience possible to her clients. As a business owner, her goal is to create beautiful outdoor spaces, preserve the environment, and be more for others. In addition to her primary job functions, Kat has been recognized for providing employment in a time of uncertainty through the pandemic, she actively participates in donating to non profits, and she is also a member of “WE” Woman Entrepreneurs & multiple other groups. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting with her kids, exploring the great outdoors, & traveling.

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