Brighten Your Patio At Night With LED Landscape Lighting!

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A well-lit patio is a great place for homeowners to get greater enjoyment of their home and the outdoors.

The right exterior lighting is one of the key elements to turning any barren patio space into a luxurious and comfortable relaxation or entertainment area.

With the incandescent bulb ban fully in effect, the time could not be better to incorporate high-quality LED landscape lighting into the landscape design around any home patio.

These tips on how to brighten a backyard and create an inviting patio space can help!

Start With General Patio Lighting

Patio lighting should begin with some general brightening throughout the space as needed based on the patio design.

General lighting consists of soft, warm lighting on the walls, overhead, or even hung off privacy fence sections.

Whether using sconces, LED landscape lighting fixtures mounted to trees or on the support posts of a pergola over the patio, these should provide most of the soft glows that illuminate the space.

Illuminate Walkways and Foot Paths 

A walkway or garden path that is lit up with low-voltage stake lights creates a welcoming lead-up to a beautiful patio.

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, exterior lighting services recommend these low-to-the-ground fixtures to create a nice ambiance while making walkways safer to navigate at night.

For patios with steps, recessed lighting around the edges of the patio that lead from the lit path to the steps is another idea to make the space more visible without the need for harsher, brighter lights. 

Accentuate Focus Areas

Next, use a few pendants, lanterns, or even patio string lights to brighten up specific areas within the space.

Add some supplemental lighting to seating areas or around built-in features like benches, hot tubs, or outdoor kitchens.

Use supplemental LEDs of various types that fit the decor to focus on these areas so there is enough brightness to make the space useful in whatever way.

Light strings make another appealing option over seating or dining areas to create a focal point within the other lighting types.

Use Uplighting

Another easy way to create an impressive appearance with LED landscape lighting is to use uplighting around the patio and surrounding landscaping.

Uplighting, which consists of soft lighting installed closer to the ground with the beam pointed up, is a wonderful way to highlight certain trees or plantings around the patio or sculptural or architectural features around the patio.

It adds interest and focus to these elements in a more appealing, yet gentle way than using spotlights that can be too harsh. 

Choose the Right Color Bulbs

When planning exterior lighting around a patio, do remember that low-voltage, energy-efficient LED lights do come in a variety of colors and not just the stark, bright white that most people are familiar with.

In fact, LEDs with different lumens produce lights that range from warm yellows all the way to sharp bluish-white.

For a calm, relaxed patio environment, warmer lights of varying degrees work for most applications when used with a few cooler, slightly brighter lights to illuminate focal points.

Make A Dull Patio Appealing with LED Landscape Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements for turning an outdoor patio into a fun, comfortable personal space.

For help with LED landscape lighting design and choosing the right fixtures and lights for the project, turn to a landscape lighting professional.

Skilled exterior lighting services can help any homeowner achieve the right look and feel for their patio so they can get greater enjoyment from this space!

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