Choosing The Right Drainage System For Your Backyard

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Transform your mud into a beautiful yard with one of our custom drainage systems and start enjoying your outdoor space.

Designing your perfect backyard can be a serious investment. All of the time, money, and effort you put into your backyard environment is important, and once you have the yard you want, you are going to need to protect it and keep it healthy.

A huge part of many backyards is maintaining a comfortable, accessible space, with lots of lush plant life. If your yard isn’t draining effectively, you will experience plants and grass dying off, muddy patches, and potentially even leaking water into your house. Depending on where you live, serious rainfall can damage your yard, as well as be a threat to your home. Drainage problems can result in foundation damage, root rot, mosquito infestations, and mold issues.

There are many different approaches and methods for setting up an effective drainage system in your yard. Whatever you choose should fit your specific needs. So what can different drainage systems offer, and what is the ideal solution for your property?

Let’s take a look at some of the common outdoor drainage system designs and how they may fit your needs.

French Drains

One of the most common and effective drainage systems is the French drain. This is a subsurface drainage system and can be effective in spreading and diverting pooling problems. Essentially, this system is made with a perforated pipe with a fabric layer used as a filter, which is then laid in a trench and surrounded by loose material such as gravel.

The pipe can lead to an outlet away from the property, such as a storm drain. This system allows for effective runoff diversion.

Depending on your property, it can have a large and involved installation process.

Channel Drains

Channel drainage systems can be very effective and new designs and technologies continue to be developed to make them more effective in different situations. A new design idea is a drainage system known as a slot drain.

Channel drains are made from durable materials such as stainless steel and are designed with a very narrow catch. This allows you to forgo drainage grates and can also be great for lining walkways or following existing lines of landscaping features. The strength and durability of this option can be quite appealing.

Dry Creek Bed And Swale Ditches

Swale systems can be quite desirable as they can be quite subtle and blend into your property more easily than other more intrusive systems. Really, these are ditches designed to divert water flow and direct runoff as needed. These ditches are lined with gravel to allow water to slowly percolate into the soil. With fast-moving sloped runoff, these drainage ditches can be very useful. Dry creek beds are designed to look more natural on your property and bring an aesthetically pleasing quality to a practical drainage solution.

When considering which drainage system is right for your yard, one of the factors you’ll want to consider is the design elements of your landscape space. For patio-related drainage, trench systems and channel drains should be your focus. Carefully consider your property design, your slopes, and your natural basins to decide on the best system for your yard.

The professionals at Landscaping Ninjas can help you find a solution that meets both functionality and aesthetic appeal.