Outdoor Entertainment Areas – Looking at Sound Systems!

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Outdoor entertainment area design is a fun part of landscape and yard planning for those who enjoy using their outdoor home spaces.

Using outdoor sound systems designed specifically for this purpose, any homeowner can have the perfect setting to safely and conveniently play music for parties or even just enjoy the backyard with the sound of soft, ambient tunes.

With the right components and planning, outdoor entertainment area contractors can help any homeowner turn their plain backyard into a beautiful personal oasis, complete with stereo sound!

Outdoor Sound System Audio Sources and Wiring

The first part of any outdoor sound system is the audio source, where to locate it, and how to connect it to the speakers.

Speakers used in outdoor entertainment area design are generally hardwired to an amplifier, but the amplifier can be Bluetooth enabled for easy system control using a smartphone.

There are numerous products sold specifically for this purpose today, which can be designed into hardscaping that both hides and protects the amplifier as well as the buried system wiring to the speakers.

Outdoor Entertainment Area Design and Speaker Setup

After choosing the audio source and deciding on its location, outdoor entertainment area contractors must then plan out the audio system within the setup area.

Speaker positioning is critical in setting up an outdoor sound system.

To achieve an appealing outdoor entertainment area design, contractors will consider the size of the space, areas where people will be most active, topography of the land, existing landscaping and architectural features, and other factors that can affect sound travel, then design within those specifics.

The number of speakers used, where they must be pointed, and how to set all speakers to work in unison to create a balanced sound are all essential factors addressed as part of this planning and designing.

Outdoor Sound System Speaker Types

The speakers installed by outdoor entertainment area contractors are designed specifically for outdoor, year-round use.

They are waterproof and available in multiple styles that look attractive in any backyard landscape design including:

  • Speakers made to look like landscaping stones or other hardscaping components to blend into the design
  • Surface-mounted speakers for mounting on architectural components like decks, pergolas, and walls
  • Omnidirectional speakers that can be set in planted beds and other landscape features
  • Satellite speakers that point the sound in specific directions from hidden spots within the landscaping

Turn Backyards Into Entertainment Spaces!

A great landscape design can turn a plain backyard into a beautiful area of enjoyment.

Outdoor entertainment area contractors can take that space to the next level.

With the addition of an outdoor entertainment system, a beautifully landscaped yard can be even more enjoyable.

Whether playing popular music during a friend and family cookout or setting an ambient mood for personal relaxation time, an outdoor entertainment area design that includes a great sound system is the finishing touch on the perfect space to spend free time!

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