The Important Role of Landscapers in Winter Months!

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The cooler weather is here and with it, the grass and landscaping plants have gone dormant.

After that final mow and lawn feeding, many might think there is nothing for landscaping services to take care of until spring; however, Texas’ milder winters are the perfect time to take care of other landscaping projects.

Use this time efficiently by having landscaping contractors tackle other jobs that can make a home property more useful, beautiful, and fun once spring arrives again!

1. Cool Weather Landscaping and Decorating

While it is much too cold for the varieties of plants that bloom in the summertime, landscaping with species that do well in lower temperatures can keep any property looking vibrant, even in winter.

Species like Snapdragons, Pansies, Petunias, Sweet Alyssum, and ornamental cabbage or kale can all be transplanted in and do quite well with proper bedding or planted in containers.

These inexpensive plantings can provide a splash of color throughout the winter while waiting for other plants to bloom again.

And for those who get festive at holiday time, many landscapers also have the know-how and equipment to install holiday lights and decorations on the lawn or the house!

2. Hardscaping and Retaining Walls

With mowing, feeding, and most plant care out of the way, wintertime in Texas is the perfect time to hire landscaping contractors to repair or improve garden and yard hardscaping or build structural or decorative retaining walls.

With fewer lawns to care for and mow, landscapers can have these projects finished more quickly and with less mess, adding to the beautification of any property.

3. Patios and Walkways

Another great cool-weather project that landscaping services are happy to complete during the winter off-season is the installation of walkways and patios.

With more time available to work on multi-day customer projects, landscapers can plan these installations with homeowners, then complete them during weeks of milder weather.

By the time spring arrives again that new patio and walkway will be ready to enjoy.

4. Fire Pits and Water Features

Outdoor fire pits and water features are popular landscaping features that many homeowners wish to install but never seem to find the time to do it.

A skilled landscaping contractor with experience in these specialty hardscape projects can have that fire pit installed with plenty of time to use it on chilly winter nights or for spring and summer entertaining.

Water features can be winterized to prevent freezing so they are enjoyable year-round, too.

5. Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Between winterizing, system repairs, and even the installation of new irrigation systems, many landscaping services can also spend the off-season getting things ready so there is no lack of water once the warmer days reappear.

Keeping landscaping irrigation systems in good condition and preventing winter damage is essential, both to eliminate the possibility of broken lines and wasted water and to ensure they are ready to work as soon as they are needed to keep lawns and plants well-watered.

Discuss Winter Projects With A Local Landscaping Contractor

Many homeowners assume that there are no landscaping jobs that can be done once the temperature dips and wintertime arrives.

While the bulk of the planting must wait until the warmer spring days, landscaping contractors can still work on many property beautification projects during the colder season.

Whether it is a patio that sounds nice, a fire pit, or it is just time to repair a crumbling retention wall, winter is the best time to do it.

Texas landscaping services have more time available to undertake these projects and are happy to continue helping homeowners have the property of their dreams!

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