*Now all on-site consultations will include a free walk through to determine if the irrigation system is functioning properly. These systems can easily be compromised with cracks or leaks, covered heads, and loose connection points.

For Texas residents in particular, ensuring that your property is adequately watered and irrigated is crucial to the survival of your plants and landscaping. The last thing you want is to build your dream yard or landscape setup, only to lose it all because of a drought or poor drainage. We know how important proper watering is to all types of landscaping, so that’s why we offer comprehensive Irrigation Services. The yard of your dreams isn’t a one-and-done experience. The upkeep is just as important as the installation, and we are ready to set your space up for success with better irrigation.

Sprinkler Systems

This may be the first approach that comes to mind when you think about landscape irrigation, as sprinkler systems are very common. These systems are installed as a series of underground pipes connected to sprinkler heads that spray water over the landscaping. They can be connected to an irrigation controller or automated system customized to water at different times of day, based on preference and season.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is a very common form of irrigation, especially for homeowners with smaller properties. Watering your yard with a hose or watering can would be considered surface irrigation. This can be done by the homeowner, or by a landscaping company like us! This kind of irrigation is more labor intensive than automated systems like those used for Sprinkler or Drip Irrigation.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation uses a series of pipes to distribute water directly to the base of your plants underground. This is a very efficient way to water your property, as no water is lost or wasted in the transfer from irrigation system to plant roots. Similar to Sprinkler Systems, Drip Irrigation systems can be automated and customized to meet your needs.

Why Us? 

When you hire a Ninja to install your Irrigation System, you can rest assured that we operate with full understanding of all codes and regulations that apply to making changes to your property. There are lots of details to consider when it comes to properly managing water, and it’s important to hire a licensed irrigator to tackle them correctly. Our license number is LI#0027004, and we’re ready to tackle your next project for you!

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