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When planning an outdoor living space, it is the type of outdoor features that are included that make the space so appealing.

A patio and a pool are nice, but the addition of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can add extra allure and enjoyment.

For those starting a new backyard improvement project in the coming year, this is the perfect time to envision how great an outdoor fire pit or other fire feature would be and include it on the list of must-haves!

Why An Outdoor Fire Feature?

Why include an outdoor feature like a fire pit or other decorative fire feature in a patio or landscape development design?

The best reason is that outdoor fire pits and similar elements create year-round ambiance that cannot be matched!

Fire features look beautiful and inviting, illuminating outdoor spaces naturally so they can be comfortably used after dark.

They also provide warmth where it is needed and create cozy spaces for entertaining friends or just relaxing with family or alone.

Fire features are an appealing element to add to any outdoor living space to make it more unique and useful while adding value to the home, too.

What Are Some Creative Outdoor Fireplace Features?

There are several attractive outdoor fire features that homeowners can consider when planning out their outdoor living spaces:

  • Fire Pits - Among the most widely recognized and installed by homeowners improving their backyard spaces, outdoor fire pits are versatile, affordable, and can be easily put in by a professional installer. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, homeowners may also choose to have their landscaping contractor do a custom fire pit installation as well. Fire pits are great for gathering around, provide ample light for an after-dark patio spot, and offer warmth as well.
  • Fire Tables - For those who enjoy dining outdoors or have invested in an outdoor kitchen, an impressive fire table for eating around the fire can be the perfect choice. Fire tables combine the idea of a fire pit with the elegance of fine dining into one amazing feature.
  • Fireplaces - Another incredible patio idea is constructing an outdoor fireplace that can function as a gathering spot, as well as a crackling fire to cook over. Outdoor fireplaces also generate enough heat to warm a large space, making cool-weather entertaining more feasible.
  • Fire Bowls - Smaller than fire pits and also movable, fire bowls offer a creative option for adding fire features in additional places around the yard. They make wonderful poolside decorations to brighten and warm the pool area, are perfect walkway elements, and can brighten the corners of any patio when adding a fixed feature like a fire pit is not an option.
  • Torches - Torches make the perfect finishing touch around patios, poolsides, and walkways, as they are easy to install and very affordable. They add just enough light to brighten an area to make it comfortable and safe.

Plan An Amazing Backyard Living Space With Outdoor Fire Features

Though the cold weather is already here, it is never too late to start thinking of ways to incorporate some amazing outdoor features like fire elements in any backyard.

The addition of fire bowls and torches can improve an existing patio today to make it more enjoyable and useful this winter, leaving plenty of time to design something bigger.

Start planning today to start working this spring on a new patio with an outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace to take advantage of a beautifully designed outdoor living space that will function year-round, especially into the fall and winter months!

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