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A beautiful home landscape is the pride and joy of many homeowners.

Proper landscape maintenance is an essential part of keeping those lawns and gardens looking so praise-worthy.

Moving into the more favorable springtime weather, these maintenance tips from professional landscaping services can help Texas homeowners keep properties looking their best as plants and grasses spring back to life!

1. Spring Lawn and Landscape Clean Up

Start seasonal spring landscaping maintenance with a good clean-up of the whole property.

Rake up any dead leaves lying in beds and on the lawn, pick up twigs, fallen branches, and other debris around the property, and cut back or remove any dead plants from the flower beds.

Freshen up mulched beds to loosen the top layer, mow the grass to even it out, and then move on to other spring maintenance tasks.

2. Lawn Edging and Garden Mulching

Continue spring landscape maintenance by freshening up the lawn edges.

Crisp edges at the street, driveway, and walkways create a well-kept look and make mowing and trimming easier.

Edging around garden beds and plantings makes performing other tasks like mulching and plant care easier as well.

Once the edging is finished and cleaned up, add new mulch to landscaped beds to protect and beautify them.

3. Weeding and Feeding

Next, start tackling the weed issue by hand-weeding planted beds as they begin to emerge, making sure to get the roots out.

Although mulch is a great deterrent for some weeds, more persistent ones must be periodically pulled out to prevent them from spreading.

Springtime is also the preferred time when landscaping services apply a weed and feed product to kill off any pre-emergent weeds in lawns while providing essential nutrition for grasses just starting to grow again.

Landscape bushes and shrubs should also be fed at this time to give them energy for strong growth as the weather warms up.

4. Tree and Bush Trimming

Early springtime is also the best time to trim trees and bushes if they were not previously trimmed in the fall.

This landscape maintenance step ensures the health of trees and bushes, allowing them to grow fuller.

It also helps in keeping bushes and shrubs looking neat and trimmed to whatever shape is desirable so they only require quick touch-ups throughout the remainder of spring and summer.

5. Landscape Planting and Plant Care

With the majority of the basic spring landscaping services finished and all planted beds prepared for the season, this is now the best time to put in new plants and bulbs as well as maintain what is already there.

Annual plants can be planted once the nights stay warm enough, with a good variety of early and late-blooming varieties to keep landscaped beds blooming throughout the spring and summer.

Replace any dead plants that were removed at the start of the landscape clean-up and then feed growing plants as required to give them a boost.

Do Spring Landscaping Maintenance With These Tips!

Landscaping maintenance should be performed throughout the year as necessary to keep lawns and gardens growing and looking their best.

During early spring, landscape maintenance should start with a thorough clean-up and then tasks that will give plants, bushes, and trees a jumpstart for strong growth this summer.

For more guidance on effective spring maintenance or just help with it, call a local landscaping service that can take care of these and other tasks quickly and easily for a beautiful home landscape!

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