Winter: The Best Time for Landscape Design

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Reasons why Winter is the best time to book

What is the best time of year to build your dream outdoor living space?

Would you believe it if we said winter? Putting in the work to create your outdoor space in the winter months is a great approach for lots of reasons. 

It’s more affordable

For one, winter rates for landscaping and outdoor work are generally lower. You can complete the projects you were dreaming of for next summer right now, and for a better price. While you’re at it, you can go ahead and have landscape lighting installed during the construction to create a festive outdoor atmosphere for the holiday season.

Accomodate more family, friends, and guests

With just a few upgrades, your backyard could be the go-to outdoor space for Christmas this year. To top it off, you can maximize your hosting abilities by hiring us to install an outdoor sound system on your property. Did you know you can control the sound from your phone or connect it to your Sonos® speakers, giving you all of the power to create the exact atmosphere you want in your outdoor space? We can create your vision so you can enjoy an outdoor living space that allows people to gather at your home all year long. 

alt="outdoor sound systems for your backyard and patio"
Outdoor sound systems for your backyard and patio

Enjoy the colder months

Another great backyard project to complete this winter would be a fireplace or fire pit. Fireplaces are a simple way to beautify your space and make it enjoyable throughout every season. Even in the colder months, a fireplace or fire pit creates space for people to gather and enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created on your property. This small addition to the design of your landscaping will work wonders and add even more value to your space year-round. Now is the time to install that fireplace so you can make the most of it throughout the entirety of the coming cooler months.

One step ahead

On top of that, preparing your space in the winter is the most proactive way to be one step ahead of what your lawn has in store. Spring rains often catch us by surprise and leave our yards looking wet and swampy, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Installing a drainage system and rock bedding can help prevent your space from turning into a pond with heavy rainfall. We can install these drainage systems for you in the winter so that, by the time spring comes around, you’ll have nothing to worry about- rain or shine!

Give us a call so we can get to work creating the landscaping of your dreams- right now!

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